M.G. Leather announces !! Oxballs Cock & Ball Product Line !!! 

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Ball Plug with Cock Ring



Experience unparalleled pleasure with this multitasking Ball Plug with Ring! Attach the ring to your shaft or scrotum, then bend the smooth, flexible plug back for amazing anal stimulation. The connecting strip will also give you incredible sensation along the perineum! This toy can be used with either silicone or water-based lube. Measurements: Approx. 4 inches insertable length and approx. 6.5 inches in circumference at widest point. Cock Ring Opening: Approx. 1.75 inches in diameter. Material: PVC. Color: Black.

Classic Butt Plug with Cock Ring


This Classic Butt Plug with Cock Ring offers amazing stimulation while also improving your sexual stamina! The cock ring slips over the shaft or scrotum to help maintain your biggest, hardest erection, while the smooth plug bends back for incredible anal stimulation. The flexible connecting strip also provides amazing stimulation against the perineum during wear. Experience pleasure all over like never before! Measurements: Plug is approx. 5.75 inches insertable length and approx. 5.75 inches in circumference at widest point.Cock ring opening is approx. 1.75 inches in diameter. Material: PVC. Can be used with both silicone- and water-based lube. Color: Black.

D'Primer Penis Plug

This sexy black penis plug affords you the sensations of urethral play with a material that is flexible and lightweight. The D-Primer bends with the body and is contoured with swells throughout the shaft for added sensations. A ring pull is attached at the end for easy retrieval.

Measurements: 5 inch overall length, up to 4 inch insertable length, 0.65 inch max insertable diameter

Material: TPR

Color: Black

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Dong Plug with Cock Ring



Experience new levels of intense stimulation with the Dong Plug with Ring! A stretchy ring fits around the scrotum or penis to intensify sensations around the cock and balls, while a ridged flexible plug bends back to satisfy you anally. The strip connecting the plug and ring sits against the perineum for even more pleasure! Enjoy this toy with plenty of silicone or water-based lube. Measurements: Approx. 5 inches insertable length and approx. 7.5 inches in circumference at widest point. Material: PVC. Color: Black.

Hog Nips/pair

CODE: Hog_nips


Hog-Nips Nipple Suckers with real grip! Sick of boring snake-bite suckers, This Hog Nip design looks as hot as they feel…and they actually do suck! NIP-PULL has diamond-plate raised texture stolen right off our 1970 Ford truck’s bed........

Neoprene Cockfighter Hood

CODE: neo-cock-hood


Awsome Neoprene Hood with added  custom neoprene Mohawk in smoothskin Black only

  • One size fits all
  • Machine wash with a mild detergent
  • Air dry
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    OxBalls Bolt

    CODE: OX_Bolt

    $34.00   $24.95

    OXballs Bolt 100% high quality Soft Silicone ball stretcher.

    OxBalls CockSling

    CODE: OX_CockSling


    COCKSLING SUPER STRETCHY is the latest design by OXBALLS. COCKSLING is the best cock and ball piece that we have ever seen and used! The COCKSLING design hugs every body part in just the right way. COCKSLING has a divot for your urethra that lets the release of fluids pass easier while the rest fits with amazing contour, with an added ball stretcher. The COCKSLING is not made from the same silicone used in the workshop at OXBALL Studios. COCKSLING is made from heavy duty TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber). The COCKSLING is very stretchy and can increase to more than double its size. Light in Weight Stretches To More Than Double Its Size Excellent Tear Strength Performs Like Vulcanized Rubber Do Not Use Oil Based Lubes You are going to love this item.

    Oxballs Link Cock Ring

    CODE: Ox_link


    Oxballs 100% high quality silicone LINK cockring doesn’t pinch or dig into your junk…made of the same pure platinum silicone as our BULLBALLS ballstretchers, they stretch and flex, and warm up to body temp quick…our soft flex silicone feels amazing on your skin…

    They look like real chain with all the dings, dents, and weld marks…the colors are all-new just for the LINK products:  the RUST color looks like rusty old iron chain…

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    Oxballs Meat Plug

    CODE: meat_plug_01

    $109.95   $69.00

    MEATPLUG comes in polished silver (a finish that wont chip or scratch)…slick it up, or milk out some pre-cum and slip one in…never force it…spin, twist and jack em in your meat, a tool for your “tool”….

    Follow some simple rules, use only sterile lube for piss-hole play, best are single use packets, keep your toys clean…

    Works with electro too, there is a hole in the base so you can connect this little metal probe to your electro unit.

    OxBalls Mechanic

    CODE: OX_Mechanic


    The New OXBALL Mechanic Cockring is made more firm and less stretch

    OxBalls NuTT



    OXBALLS NUTT Pure Silicone Ball Stretcher. Can be used with all lubes Super soft and stretchy These quality products are made to last

    Oxballs NuttSling

    CODE: nuttsling


    You asked for it and you get it here first at MG Leather. A new take on the already very popular COCKSLING. OXBALLS has increased the length of the ball stretcher and added a ring on the inside at the halfway point so your nuts will not slip back up.

    Made from the same stretchy Flex TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) as cocksling.

    OxBalls PigRing

    CODE: OX_PigRing


    OXballs Pig Ring are made of the finest grade 100% Silicone, schoose your color

    Oxballs Pisser

    CODE: Ox_pisser


    Oxballs pisser is flexible silicone that Pure OXBALL Silicone feels WARM and NEVER pinches, plus it can handle ANY lube. comes in black only.

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    Oxballs Powerballs cock ring

    CODE: Ox_powerballs


    OXballs 100% high quality Silicone POWERBALLS is designed for long wear…like a night at the EAGLE under your gear…all-night sex parties…at the office in your cubicle, under boxers and a business suit…nothing hotter than pushing out your junk in a suit, making that bitchy receptionist drool and catching the eye of the UPS guy…never hurts to show off a bit…

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    Oxballs Screwballs

    CODE: Ox_screwballs


    OX designed SCREWBALLS... it is larger than all the cheap jelly cockrings, designed so it doesn’t roll, and best of all it is made from the strongest most stretchy TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) available on this planet, possible in this universe…

    We were so amazed at how strong and durable these are, we hooked up a fucksling to the hooks on a sling-stand with one of these at each corner, put one of our warehouse packers in the sling and faux-fucked his Carhartt clad ass, SCREWBALLS cockring didn’t break.

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    Oxballs Silicone Meatplug

    CODE: 36.00


    SIL-PLUG-1 is a flexible, silicone piss-plug made from medical grade platinum cure silicone that stretches and bends…metal plugs are hot as hell, but a silicone plug will form to fit your piss-tube, it’ll stay put while you stroke…and silicone warms up fast and feels like your own skin. Use only sterile waterbased or medical lube and slide these little fuckers in….or for more advanced you can fuck your pisshole with em. These come packaged in a clear tube for storage…wash and sterilize before each use… black color only

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    OxBalls Silicone Sound Set

    CODE: OX_Sound_Set


    Metal sounds are good for pros, but they require a lot of knowledge and skill. OXBALLS sounds are a huge advance in piss-hole stuffers because they are made from soft, flexible SILICONE. And not just any silicone. The purest refined grade of Japanese medical platinum heat cure silicone to be PRECISE. This means it’s gonna feel fuckin amazing EVERY time you play. The shaft of the sounds are perfectly machined and smooth, never a bubble, a nick or seam. Tiny imperfections can ruin the hot feel of stuffing your piss hole… and this will NEVER happen with OXBALLS Silicone Sounds. In addition, the design is well thought out. The curved grip-end gives you a way to hold onto the sounds and keep CONTROL even when your fingers are dripping in lube and PRECUM… try twisting and turning the sound when you play. You get 2 superior quality OXBALLS Silicone sounds for LESS than the other guys charge for ONE. This first is a SMOOTH shaft that begins very small and gradually thickens. The second on is like getting 3 sounds in ONE… three distinct sizes, one bigger than the next. Go from mild to ARRRGH as you master each one. Here are the dimensions of the two silicone sounds: The simple Smooth Sound grows from a modest 17mm circumference to 34mm circumference at the very “top.”

    OxBalls SplitSling

    CODE: Splitsling


    Okay here it is COCKSLING freaks. Not only do we have the new NUTTSLING with the longer ball stretcher but now we have this new version of COCKSLING with an added ball splitter. Still made from the ultra-FLEX TPR created by OXBALLS. choose color.

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